Sunday, 6 June 2010

Why Nationalism?

As a white, working class Englishman living in middle England, I voted Labour all my life along with generations of my family members. I believed that Labour served the majority interests of the ordinary working class person living in Britain, and that Labour offered the best hope for creating a decent and fairer more equal society for all.

The last 14 years of Labour government though, have showed the exact opposite. Not only is Britain much worse off than it was before Labour came to power, but there are now many serious issues which pose a real threat to not only to social and economic well-being, our integrity, freedoms and rights as individuals, but also to the very survival and future of this once great country and it's people.

Labour's continued obsession with all things politically correct and their drive to create a "politically correct society" has resulted in a prejudiced and discriminatory society. While protecting and serving the needs of the minorities, it has trampled over and denied the rights of the majority.

Multiculturalism has been at the heart of Labour's manifesto, and indeed successive Labour and Conservative governments before it. The belief that allowing wave after wave of foreign immigrants to settle in the UK will somehow create a more economically stable Britain and better society. It is what has steered their policies allowing unparalleled levels of immigration in recent years, resulting in a population growth of over 1 million in just the last 6 years.

These immigrant populations have largely remained isolated and separate communities. Bringing with them, their own languages and culture, and all the challenges and difficulties. Successive governments repeat the line that "Multiculturalism enriches our society and our culture, and is therefore beneficial to all". I haven't seen any evidence of this. In fact, all the evidence shows the exact opposite. So why are our politicians continuing to maintain their position on multiculturalism and immigration?

Perhaps because it serves their globalist agenda and short-term political and economic interests. Perhaps because they have gone too far down the road now to turn back. Perhaps because people accept and believe it and do not challenge it. Whatever the reason, like many ordinary British people, I worry for the future of my country and my people. When you look at statistics coming from the government itself, it's not difficult to see why these concerns are warranted and valid. Data provided by the The Office of National Statistics shows that the British indigenous white population will become a minority in Britain by the end of the century, based on present immigration levels and birth rates.

When you look at the political scene in the UK there is no political party that seems to be taking this on board and listening to peoples concerns, with the exception that is, of the British National Party. That is why, and how, I became a Nationalist and shifted my political thinking from the left, to the far. I believe the British National Party are the only political party now representative of the ordinary white working class Briton, defending our rights and future as a cultural and social ethnic people.

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