Tuesday, 10 May 2011

YouTube Channel Relaunch

After spending all weekend cleaning up the channel and removing hundreds of comments, the channel is now open again. It's regretful that so many comments and discussions have had to be removed, but with the "thought police" now actively pursuing blogs and material on the Web, we have to be extra cautious and not give them any excuse.

Unfortunately we no longer live in an open and free society that allows freedom of speech. That is just the political and legal reality of "multicultural" Britain today. It's fine for other cultures and religious groups to attack or criticise ours, and even fine for them go on the streets inciting hatred against us. However it's illegal for us to even have a critical discussion of theirs.

We have Liebour to thank for their politically correct brainwashing and all the biased "race relations" laws that restrict or impede our basic human rights to freedom of speech and expression.

Only when people begin to realise this and fight for their rights and freedom, can we live in an open and free society.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Temporary Closure of YouTube Channel

I have decided over the last week to temporarily suspend my popular YouTube channel which I started exactly a year ago today.

The channel has started to drift away from its original purpose, which was to highlight the political failings in Britain such as political correctness, mass immigration, social injustice and inequality, and biased media reporting. Although some of the content at times has touched on politically and socially sensitive issues, it was never intended to be a channel for bashing ethnic minorities, encouraging hatred towards people or stirring up religious intolerance towards Moslem's.

Unfortunately the comments being left on the channel (not all of them genuine I might add) are starting to make the channel look like a hate channel. This is a consequence of trying to support freedom of speech and allowing people to discuss issues and comment freely and openly. Some use it to vent their anger or extreme views and other people abuse it. That not only puts myself as channel owner in jeopardy but also creates distress for others.

I considered pulling the channel completely and starting over. I think that would be a shame though, as lot of content being lost. So I decided to review all the existing content and try to bring the channel back on course. This has meant removing a lot of comments and implementing strict moderation and approval of future commenting. I've also decided to remove voting and rating for comments and videos as these were frequently being abused by political opponents.

I'm sorry to those who contributed in the past and have seen their comments removed. I'm sure you can understand though why it has been done and not take it personally.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Britain is not an open and free society any longer. Merely expressing certain political views is a crime. This is the political climate we find ourselves operating under in Britain today and why those involved in the struggle for our country must remain ever vigilant to the dangers that we face in trying to get our message across.