Monday, 27 September 2010

YouTube and Freedom of Speech

A disturbing incident happened to my channel last week concerning a video which YouTube decided to remove after a complaint from a Pakistani Muslim.

I've never had a problem with YouTube in the past, and have always thought they were pro Freedom of Speech and fairly tolerant and laid back in their approach to peoples content. Particularly when it comes to politics. However this incident has alerted me to a possible problem and I would like to warn other nationalists.

Basically the incident concerned a video I uploaded from Channel 4 News concerning the recent conviction of 9 Pakistani Muslim men in Manchester for grooming a 14 year old girl and having under age sex with her as well as pimping her out as a prostitute to other older Pakistani Muslim men. No doubt many will be familiar with this story, despite efforts by the mainstream media to keep it low profile.

Anyway I uploaded the video and put some commentary alongside it together with the names and addresses of the perpetrators. I also pointed out they were Pakistani Muslims, something which the mainstream media seem willing to keep quiet.

My video soon caught the attention of Pakistani Muslims who visit my channel to leave their usual abuse, and one of them reported it to YouTube as being racist. YouTube agreed it was racist and removed the video without any warning or notice just on the basis of one complaint from a Muslim. They also issued me with a warning that the video had contravened their rules and that further videos of this nature might result in my channel being closed down.

The video itself was the actual news story from Channel 4 and was completely unchanged, nothing added. So one can I only assume it was the text commentary I added for the video description which YouTube objected to. Admittedly I used some strong words and called the men "vile Muslim scum" and said I hoped they would be dealt with in prison for being peadophiles. I also highlighted the nationwide organised child abuse of white teenage girls by Muslim gangs and provide further links to videos and news stories.

Obviously the Muslim who saw this probably was angered by my comments, but I expect his motivation at complaining was more because he didn't want this video on Youtube and the truth out there.

Whatever the reason, YouTube took his side and didn't explain why the video had broke the rules. No opportunity was given to amend the video. They could of simply pointed out that they objected to the strong language and I would of toned it down or removed the text.

Up until this point I had not kept copies of my uploaded videos simply due to limited storage space and the time it takes to archive onto DVDs. So unfortunately after the video was removed I had no way to re-upload it. Being an important news story I was forced to make my own video using text and pictures.

There's a couple of lessons to be learned here.

Firstly, be careful about your video commentary. Whilst it's easy to get angry by these appalling crimes and use strong language or highlight the ethnicity and Muslim link, I think it's counter-productive. Not only does it jeopardise the video content but also the entire channel. It's surely more important to keep the message out there, so better to keep commentary minimal and factual. We should avoid giving our enemies any ammunition they can use against us.

And lastly, always keep backups so if a video does get pulled by YouTube you can always re-upload it!

Trawling through the Media

This weekend I've been sifting through loads of recent news stories and sorting out what it is useful and in the public interest. I usually monitor several news sources and various TV shows that highlight problems with immigration and urban crime. As a consequence, I usually have a load of recordings to edit and archive which takes up a great deal of time. I usually do it at the end of the week on weekends which is the only spare time I have as I run a business during the week. I have begun grouping and archiving material on a week by week basis which is useful as it provides a weekly snapshot of "multicultural Britain" and makes it easier to find stories at a later date.

The amount of material available just keeps on increasing week by week. It's getting increasing difficult to keep up with it. It just goes to show the level of problems Britain faces and what an uphill struggle we face. In many ways it's quite depressing and does get you down having to keep reading so many bad stories. Illegal immigrants, inner city drugs and prostitution, child abuse and rape, terrorism, as well as all the usual failings of mainstream politics and all that "politically correct" nonsense we have to deal with. Has anyone noticed how the news is increasingly dominated by Pakistan and Pakistani's in the UK? Hardly a day goes by you don't hear something in the news and it's nearly always bad.

Britain is indeed becoming quite a depressing place to live. Unless that is you're able to bury your head in the sand and have enough money to live somewhere less affected.

It occurred to me while doing my media sifting over the weekend that fellow nationalists are probably doing the same thing. There is a great deal of overlap and repetition which is basically time wasted. Wouldn't it be a good idea to cooperate more by setting up a "National Media Archive" whereby news stories and videos could be pooled, and individuals could take responsibility for monitoring specific news or media sources. That way, we'd have wider media reach and less repetition. We'd also have a centralised archive which anyone could use on their channels and sites to spread the message.

Just a thought..

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Labour's Marxist Brothers

The two Jewish Miliband brothers who are the favourites for Labour's leadership have a secret communist past and Marxist political background.

Labour (or should that be Liebour) just keeps going from bad to worse, but has now sunk to an all time low by allowing David and Ed Miliband to run for leadership of their rotten party. It seems the party is no longer making any secret of it's Marxist leanings now, after the failings of it's "New Labour" image makeover.

The two Miliband brothers, one of whom is poised to lead the Liebour Party, are the children of Polish Jewish immigrants. More interesting than that though is the fact their father, Ralph Miliband (originally Adolphe Miliband) was a prominent Marxist intellectual. Born in Belgium he eventually ended up in the UK (lucky us) and became a Marxist activist, engaged in various Socialist activities here including publishing Socialist material. He's actually buried alongside Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery, London.

If that is not proof enough of the Miliband family communist credentials, taking a look further back into their family history is even more revealing. The grandfather of the Miliband's, Samuel Miliband, who entered Belgium illegally with forged documents actually fought in the Red Army in the Polish–Soviet War.

All the UAF social-misfits and other Marxist members of the Liebour Party must be rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity of getting some real Red leadership for a change.

As for the Miliband's, from relative obscurity to leadership of the biggest opposition political party in the UK. Not bad for the sons of a Jewish Marxist illegal immigrant eh.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Copycat Filmed Jihad Rape in Thames Valley

Two rapes with an identical modus operandi have been carried out by muslims 6 months and 200 miles apart, in Oxford.

In May last year a rape of a drunken teenager in Rochdale seemed to surprise nobody, in fact the case was reported shortly after another rape involving 4 Pakistanis in a local supermarket carpark, the victim reported that she had pleaded with passes-by for help and they had refused her.

In Rochdale there are regular rapes by muslim pakistanis on white english women, some are not reported in the media, but having been a reporter living in Rochdale, for 3 years I have witnessed first hand the ways of this weird town whose mayor, senior council official and police chief are Pakistani Muslims.

The rape in Oxford is identical in detail to the earlier rape in Rochdale.
Is it any wonder then, that rochdale remains a ghost town despite huge efforts to blow life into the corpse of a town? When the towns folk just shrug in response to another rape in the town or another paedophile detected.

Rochdale, as a town is sick, and it is in the condition it is through bad leadership and a despondant populace. Now this sickness is spreading, in terms of copycat criminals, to far flung corners of the country.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

CEHR v BNP: Round 2 (update)

Nick Griffin speaking to John Walker at the BNP's Radio RWB, discussed earlier today the outcome of the court hearing yesterday and where the BNP goes from here in it's ongoing battle with the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR).

After the trial was adjourned and prostponed yesterday until 8 November, Nick Griffin took the opportunity to request a meeting with the CEHR and their barristers at the court, to sort out exactly what their complaint is concerning the BNP's revised

The CEHR never fully explained their original complaint and what exactly they expected the BNP to do originally, and subsequently, in order to be compliant with the law and the court ruling. Despite several requests from Nick Griffin in writing for a meeting or dialogue, all of which were ignored by the CEHR.

The BNP made every effort from the very start to avoid costly litigation and tried to settle this dispute with the CEHR (then known as the EHRC) through co-operation and dialogue. However it was clear they did not want any dialogue with the BNP and wanted to pursue the court action, no doubt motivated by the intention to inflict damage on the BNP.

This is an important point here, because Nick Griffin has come under a lot criticism for not settling the complaint about of court, and he has been accussed of causing the party large and unnecessary legal costs. In fairness to Griffin, it would seem he did make some effort to avoid this.

Now that Nick Griffin as Chairman of the BNP has been granted executive powers to amend the constitution at any time by the members, he is planning to use those powers to quote "slam the door shut" on the CEHR and stop any further litigation. The CEHR have until now, disputed the fact the Chairman has this power, which is why they brought litigation rather than entered into dialogue with the Chairman, they claim. They now concede that he does in fact have the power to amend the constitution and negotiate with them on any issue without the need for further litigation.

Accordingly, the BNP plans to get rid of the whole constitutional issue alltogether before November 8th by going even further with they have already and meeting all the fresh demands set out by the CEHR at the meeting yesterday. This should then render the complaint of “contempt of court” by the CEHR completely empty and without a shred of evidence.

The CEHR indicated at the meeting to Nick Griffin that they were fully intending to bring new litigation after the contempt of court hearing, so it is wise and prudent of the Chairman to close this vulnerability of the BNP properly, once and for all.

The CEHR have also attempted to embarrass and expose the BNP by dictating that the BNP must make a statement which has to appear prominently on it's website indicating that the consitution has been amended due to a court judgement (which also must be shown) so that it no longer discriminates on the grounds of ethnicity or political beliefs, and that anyone is able to join. Nick Griffin has said he's happy to do this and claims rather than embarassing the BNP, it's seen as an advantage for the BNP, since ethnic minority patriots who felt they were excluded from the BNP will be more inclined to join.

One remaining major bone of contention still between the CEHR and the BNP is the fact the CEHR thinks that BNP's requirement in the consitution for members to be opposed to mass immigration, and supportive of repatriation for non-indigenous people, is unlawful and discriminatory. It's an outrage, that a government quango can basically dictate to a political party what it's members can or cannot believe, and what policies are acceptable or unacceptable. The constitution and any changes to it, are afterall
democratically approved by majority member vote. Anyone who fundamentally doesn't agree with the constitution or the policies of the BNP, obviously wouldn't be joining the BNP in the first place!

The CEHR also has complained that the change to constitution requiring new members to be visited in their home before they're allowed to attend meetings or vote is also discriminatory. This is completely bizarre because this rule applies to all new and existing members of the party who have less than 2 years membership, regardless of ethnicity or skin colour.

It also perfectly reasonable for the BNP to make this provision to protect the party and it's members against threats it has received in the past from BNP opposition groups concerning a mass trojan membership.

The BNP intends to defend and assert it's rights on these issues which Nick Griffin claims is necessary and unavoidable. Nick Griffin also plans to bring a counter-legal challenge to the CEHR claiming they should be responsible for the substantial legal costs in bringing the “contempt of court” action, because the BNP wasn't given any information or time to provide a proper defence, and neither was the CEHR willing to cooperate. Nick has stated that he believes this is contrary to English law and the right to a fair hearing which will form the basis of the BNP's action on the CEHR.

Unfortunately this litigation is going to cost more money and is not without considerable risk, since if the BNP loses it will be responsible for the CEHR's defence costs.

CEHR v BNP: Round 2

The EHRC case against the BNP was adjourned yesterday and has been prostponed until 8 November due to a legal blunder by the court. The court has also agreed to bear the legal costs of both parties. Nick Griffin has applied to have the case struck off.

What a complete farce. This second legal action from the EHRC was extremely weak when I looked at it. This is why they had to bring a civil (as opposed to a criminal) action for contempt of court, even though Nick did what they asked in a manner and timetable that was both unavoidable and reasonable. What is the point of bringing this second action, what do they possibly hope to achieve by sending the BNP leadership to prison for 3 months? The party will continue as normal regardless.

The first legal action should never have occurred in the first place, simply because the BNP surely has the legal and fundamental right to exist to exclusively represent the interests of the indigenous population of Britain. This right is enshrined in the UN Charter of Human Rights (Articles 2, 20 and 21). The rights of indigenous people, specifically, was reaffirmed again in UN General Assembly Resolution 61/295 in 2007. The BNP's constitution has never attempted to intentionally discriminate against people on the grounds of their skin colour. Indigenous people happen to be white, which is an obvious unavoidable fact. The party was established to represent the indigenous people and their interests and the motivation is purely political and not discriminatory or prejudicial. Ethnic minorities and non-indigenous peoples are also free to form their own political associations and parties. Would the EHRC then consider them discriminatory towards white indigenous people?

It's obviously ethnic discrimination concerns from the BNP's constitution and membership criteria are not the EHRC's primary motivation in bringing these legal actions. Their motivation is political and their intention is to inflict collateral damage on the BNP, being the only real opposition to mass immigration and mainstream politics. If this was not the case, and their motivation was genuine concerns over discrimination, why wait 20 odd years to bring a legal action when the laws against discrimination have been around all this time? Could it be the BNP's organisational growth, financial and political, and the fact the BNP now has two MEP's, which has them more concerned?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Action! Race War to Door Wars: Review

I have just finished reading a book by a prominent nationalist and former bodyguard to Nick Griffin, Joe Owens. I thought I would write a review for anyone who hasn't read it.

The book describes in sometimes graphic detail Joe's violent life in Liverpool from his early days in the National Front in the late 1970's to the BNP in the 1980s and the lead up to the Toxteth riots, the most violent rioting the UK has ever seen. Joe quickly learned how to fight and defend himself from an early age in order to survive, in what is perhaps the UK's most violent city with a myriad of criminal gangs, and mostly black, dominating Liverpool fighting turf wars for control of the highly lucrative drugs trade. Motivated by his father's political views, Joe became interested in nationalist politics from quite an early age and joined the National Front. He would regularly find himself in violent clashes with “anti-fascist” groups while selling nationalist newspapers in the street as an activist. He did not shy away from these clashes, on the contrary, he positively thrived on it and seemed to enjoy violence. Violence and fighting became a way of life for Joe and he was in and out of prison for various offences. The police took a dislike to him and he was constantly hounded and framed for crimes he didn't do, including a couple of murders for which he served time as a category A prisoner, before being cleared and released. Joe thinks some of this may have been politically motivated.

After a break from politics and working as a doorman in the emerging club scene in Liverpool during the 1990's. Joe worked his way up in the door security business and eventually ran his own security firm but found himself again drawn into increasignly violent conflicts. This time with violent gang thugs and rivals fighting for control of club doors. His growing criminal record made it harder for him to work as a doorman and eventually Joe decided to go back into politics and re-joined the BNP under Nick Griffin, having previously been involved in the 1980's when John Tyndall was leader.

Joe was able to deploy his extensive experience and skills in personal security from his years working the club doors into providing security for the BNP and eventually became Nick Griffin's personal bodyguard. He describes close scrapes where he protected Nick Griffin from potentially very dangerous situations, at a time when Nick Griffin was somewhat compliacent about his own personal safety. One such incident he recalls is the visit of the French National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen to the UK which was hosted by the BNP and turned out to be a disaster. A violent UAF mob surrounded and tried to attack Griffin and Le Pen while leaving a hotel. Bundled into Joe's car, they were very lucky to get away unscathered, had it not been for Joe's quick thinking and intervention.

Unfortunately due to internal disputes and what many may consider a terrible judgement by Nick Griffin, Joe was snubbed as security chief for the BNP in favour of Warren Bennett, and was eventually alienated and pushed out of the BNP completely. This despite his solid background as a true nationalist, his generousity and dedication to the party was obviously a bitter pill to swallow for Joe. He had even worked unpaid for a while when he acted as Nick Griffin's personal bodyguard.

As a fellow nationalist I found the book a fascinating and enjoyable read. Particularly the insight into the early background of the nationalist movement and what people like Joe Owens were up against back then. Thirty years on and nothing much has changed really. The violence has lessened, however the anti-fascists are more or less exactly the same, using the same tactics as Joe describes from 30 years ago. Although the violence he describes is often shockingly brutal and at times very sad, his bravery and determination are admirable. He also has a great way of recalling stories and using humour to see the irony in things.

Some might dismiss Joe a mindless thug, and no doubt opponents are quick to call him such. However, reading his book it's clear the man is articulate and politically seasoned. People should not be quick to dismiss him and should look beyond his violent past. In his book he presents some inteligent reasoning on politics and is not only perceptive on the struggles the BNP faces but offers insights into what the nationalist movement needs to do, to go forward. Definitely one for the reading list for nationalists everywhere.

Teletubby? No, it's a Muslim woman swimming!

A council-run swimming pool has caused controversy after closing the pool to the public so that Muslim women donning teletubby "burkini" outfits could use it privately.

A row broke out after a swimmer arrived at Hull Council’s Beverley Road Baths (in Hull, East Yorks) but was greeted with a sign at the entrance saying the pool was closed for “staff training”.

The swimmer then discovered the council was advertising that the pool we being used for a training period and a “Muslim ladies session” on that day!

The Muslim women even brought their own blinds apparently to make sure there no onlookers. I wonder whether this was to prevent any hot blooded white men gazing upon their beauty, or more to hide their ridiculous teletubby swimming costumes!

Original Source: Telegraph

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Muslim Racist Birmingham Train Attack

Members of the the “Religion of peace” get their fun bullying others during a train journey into Muslim filled Birmingham.

RAILWAY police are hunting a gang of thugs who told three teenagers: “Lick our boots” during a 30-minute terror journey into Birmingham.

Officers said the boys – two 16-year-olds and another aged 17 – were also threatened with violence and suffered a “humiliating and degrading” ordeal at the hands of the gang.British Transport Police today released CCTV images of eight people, including a girl, they want to trace in connection with the incident.

It happened when the louts boarded the New Street-bound train at Blake Street Station, near Sutton Coldfield.Det Con Tim Friend, from British Transport Police, described the ordeal as “degrading bullying” and appealed for help to find the culprits.

“A group of between eight and ten Asian males and females bullied the lads for the whole of the 30-minute journey,” he said.“They were told ‘kiss our feet’ and anyone who said no was threatened with violence. It was pretty unpleasant.”

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “We are seeking to identify the individuals pictured who we would like to speak to in connection with a robbery on a train service between Blake Street and New Street stations.

“Three young males were subjected to a protracted ordeal of bullying before having property stolen under threat of further violence.”The victims were heading into the city for a concert on board a train that left Lichfield City station at 5.50pm on November 9 last year.Police said the ordeal lasted until the train arrived at New Street.

The frightened lads were eventually robbed of their mobile phones, cash, train tickets and one had a concert ticket stolen.Their assailants were seen giggling and joking with each other as they left the train.The victims raised the alarm shortly after the train arrived in Birmingham, telling police the torment left them feeling “humiliated and degraded”.

Police checked CCTV footage from the station and Pallasades shopping centre to catch the culprits.Detectives are now appealing to Birmingham Mail readers to help identify a group of people they want to speak to in connection with the incident after their own investigations drew a blank.

Anyone who recognises any of the gang or has any information is urged to contact British Transport Police or anonymously viaCrime Stoppers or alternatively you can contact the Birmingham Mail using the link below.

Source: Birmingham mail

£1m hole-in-wall gang given lenient sentences

Twelve members of a teenage gang known as the Terror Zone' who netted almost £1 million in an “extraordinarily professional” 12-month spree of violent security van raids have been given lenient sentences and even praised by the judge.

The youths, aged as young as 15 and many still living at home with their parents, were robbing vans delivering money to cash machines at the rate of two a month in 2008.

They punched and kicked security staff as they stole £817,000 in robberies across London and Surrey in under a year, making off with £110,000 in cash in one raid alone.

And police believe that they were responsible for twice as many raids as the 19 they were charged with, taking their proceeds to well over £1 million.

The gang, who came to believe they were “invincible”, planned raids meticulously and hurled the metal cash boxes from the top of tower blocks to crack them and open.

They then laundered the cash, which was stained with security dye, via station ticket machines, Kingston Crown Court heard.

The group, then mostly aged 17 and 18 and mainly from Mitcham, south London, spent their takings on luxury cars, plasma TVs, designer clothes and electrical gear, prostitutes and meals at West End restaurants.

At Kingston Crown Court ringleader Ashley Thompson, 19, his henchman Joel Spears, 22, Ashley Nevers, 18, Rhys Copas, 20, and Kyle Stewart, 19, all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob.

Loren Fejziu, 19, Nathan Clarke-Grayson, 20, Cassisus Trotman-Wilson, 19, and a 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, all pleaded guilty to taking part in raids.

Three other gang members - Sean Fofanah, Mandala Washington and Dexter Francis, all 17, were previously sentenced after admitting their part in the robberies.

Fejziu took part in one raid while on bail awaiting an Old Bailey trial for his part in 60-strong armed street fight between Terror Zone and a rival gang that led to 16-year-old Eugene Attram being stabbed to death.

Judge Shani Barnes (black?) told them: “Had it not been a criminal enterprise, this was one of the most impressive, well-organised series of events that I have seen in a long time.”

Thompson received seven years, Spears six years, Ashley Nevers three years, Rhys Copas two and a half years, Kyle Stewart two years, Fejziu two and a half years, Clarke-Grayson two years and Trotman-Wilson two and a half years.

The 16-year-old walked from court after being given a two year supervision order.

Fofanah, Washington and Francis had already been locked up for seven, three and two years respectively.

The gang were arrested in August 2008. Nevers was found to have over 100 pairs of designer trainers, Fejziu a 50-inch plasma TV and Spears two brand new VW Golfs and £4,000 in cash.

In his police interview, Thompson was asked where all the money was and claimed it had all been spent on cars, stupidness, brothels, food, going to eat in posh restaurants in the West End'.

My thoughts

As is typical in media reporting of cases like this, the original article claims they were given "40 years" which is extremely misleading. The eight youths sentenced received an average of 3.4 years, and no doubt they will only serve half this time and get out on good behaviour. This is a disgrace to the criminal justice system. The punishment bears no resemblance to the size and scale of the theft and violent nature of the crime. It's not surprising therefore that ethnic minority gang crime is rising across the UK.

These lot should of been rounded up and shipped out to a remote penal colony island somewhere where they should of been made to do 10 years hard labour with no chance of parole.

The reason why we have so much crime like this is because the sentences are so lenient and that is because of the cost and shortage of prison spaces.

It's time the UK started to re-thinking its justice system and approach to criminal punishment. The fact is UK prisoners get an easy life compared to other countries. They should be forced to do unpaid daily hard labour and pay their way through punishment which would help the economy.

What kind of judge praises criminals in any way shape or form. That just defies belief. This together with the leniency of the sentences, I would question whether this person is fit to sit as a judge at all.

This article summarises all that's wrong in Britain today. I blame the useless spineless politicians.

Source: London Evening Standard

EDL leader talks about the EDL movement and Bradford Protest

This video is about the EDL and is a frank and open conversation with the EDL leader. It allows the EDL to have their fair say and counter all the lies and biased media coverage of the EDL. Many people who have been brainwashed by the media into thinking the EDL are a "right wing" group of "racist" Nazi football hooligans, should watch this video and at least here what they have to say themselves. There's always two sides to every story.

The leader of the EDL put out this video prior to the EDL Bradford protest explaining the reasons for the protest and talking about the motivation behind the EDL and what the organisation actually stands for.

Paul Harris aka Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL seen speaking in the video, raises some very important issues:

1. Disintegration of democracy and the rule of law

The Home Secretary decided to ban a planned march by the EDL through the city of Bradford, despite concerns from many residents about problems with Asians in Bradford. They decided to ban the march on the grounds that it might result in serious public disorder. Any disorder wouldn't come from the EDL who have a solid track record for carrying out peaceful non-violent demo's around the country.

As Paul Harris said, it's the government's responsibility to make sure that sufficient police (and if necessary the army) are available to allow the EDL and ordinary members of the public their democratic right to protest unopposed. Once we start caving into mob rule and fears over ethnic tension in communities, it's the beginning of the end for democracy.

2. Abuse of army and armed services

If it's not bad enough soldiers being sent to fight wars in Muslim countries which have nothing to do with the UK or British interests, they have to face vile abuse from Muslims when they return to the UK and be spat at and see banners calling for their beheading.

Not only are the tax-payers funding these illegal wars while bearing the brunt of the economic hardship back home, but more importantly our brave soldiers are risking life and limb every day in Afghanistan in a completely pointless and unwinnable war.

Most of the public agree with this observation and do not support the Iraqi Afghanistan wars and would like to see our troops returned home. The EDL is the only organisation openly protesting and calling for this (apart from the BNP).

Naturally, the EDL has massive support from the armed services but many are unable to publicly admit their support or to take part in EDL demo's for fear of being "racists" and losing their jobs. Surely freedom of speech and the right to protest without being persecuted should be extended to soldiers and indeed anyone, regardless of their profession?

3. Muslim gang culture and inner-city crime

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the government, police and local authorities have consistently tried to ignore or cover-up the fact that Asian Muslim gangs are now heavily involved in serious organised crime right up and down the UK, including heroin and other drug dealing, including the epidemic in racial grooming and pimping of forced white teenage prostitutes. These activities are linked to money laundering and support for terrorist activities (particularly in Luton where the 7/7 London bombings were organised from, and where the EDL was first started in response).

As the Paul Harris pointed out, the facts speak for themselves. Asians Muslims account for 4% of the UK population, yet occupy 12% of the prison space. Although the governments statistics try to play down and conceal any problem with ethnic gangs, if you look closely at the crime and gang statistics you will see the evidence is there showing this is a serious and growing problem across all the main cities of the UK with both Asian and Black organised gang crime.

In a climate where many people live in fear of these gangs and the violent criminals who operate them, with nobody to turn to, it's the EDL who they turn to for help. The EDL are able to highlight these problems and bring pressure on the government and local authorities to act. Ignoring these problems for fear of upsetting the wider community relations is unacceptable when there are victims suffering daily at the hands of Asian gangs. It's our moral duty to stand together and speak out.

4. Lack of respect by Muslims for British culture and laws

As Paul Harris indicated, several polls conducted show that Muslim's in the UK favour their own Sharia laws and justice over British laws and justice. There are already 85 Sharia "courts" openly operating in the UK despite no official agreement with the government or authorities, yet this is not surprising when many senior figures in the British establishment come out saying "Sharia law is eventually inevitable". Who wants to live in a country where women are treated as less equal to men, beaten and punished if they dishonour men. Where homosexuals are openly prejudiced against and where violence against homosexuals is openly tolerated and encouraged. Who wants to see the introduction of traditional barbaric punishments common under Sharia law such as removal of limbs for petty criminals, and stoning for women who engage in extra-marital affairs or in many cases for women who even report being raped.

Islam does not support the very principles upon which the UK was founded upon and on which our culture is built, fairness, decency, democracy and equality for all.

Islamic culture is completely alien to ours and clashes with it, yet many people are simply blind to it or happy to ignore this reality and assume that eventually Muslims will integrate. They won't. Not while they are part of a religious and political ideology which is in complete conflict with our culture. In fact all the evidence shows the opposite, rather than integrating Muslims are taking over areas. We already mentioned the establishment of 85 Sharia courts, there are now over 1,600 Mosques in the UK and the influence of Islam is spreading into nearly all aspects of British politics. Take education as one example, Muslims have their own independent schools now and can promote sectarianism by indoctrinating children from an early age with a singular biased culture and teachings largely unchecked and unopposed.

This is a potential time-bomb for a "clash of cultures" as Paul Harris put it. The only way to prevent this, is to allow open discussions and for the many people opposed to this to be allowed a voice politically. Politicians are elected to represent all constituents and have a duty to address all issues of public concern. They should not ignore issues they think might provoke strong reactions or upset certain minority communities.

5. Problem of "political correctness" and the biased and distorted media

The governments support of groups like the UAF, serve to stigmatise and demonise people who support groups like the BNP or EDL as being "Nazi" or "racists". Simply for speaking out on issues of public concern, concerning Islam and ethnic minorities. There is now a climate of "political correctness" in the UK which not only undermines open and fair democracy, but also results in biased media reporting and ultimately encourages discrimination and violence towards people purely based on their political viewpoints or affiliations. As Paul Harris put it, anyone who opposes the Islamization of the UK is either branded a racist or a fascist and anyone who attacks them is praised as an "anti-fascist".

Almost any level of violence it seems can be excused if it's on the "anti-fascist" side, as is evident from numerous violent attacks on BNP politicians and much higher levels of arrests at demo's from UAF members, yet the government (and even the Prime Minister David Cameron who openly supports the UAF) refuses to condemn such violence and distance themselves from the UAF.

In an open and fair democratic society everyone has the right to hold and express political views regardless of whether some people find them offensive or disagrees with them. This is the very foundation of democracy and is central to it. If you deny people their fundamental basic human rights and suppress political views and discussion, ultimately you end up with a broken society and one which eventually will result in conflict and civil war. If history teaches us anything it's this simple truth which is seen time and time again.

The truth about the EDL is that it contains supporters from every background, male and female, white and non-white people of various ethnicities. It's not unique to the UK either, it's a growing movement opposed to Islam that goes far beyond the UK, reaching right across Europe and even countries beyond Europe. Anyone who tries to say the EDL is an exclusively British white neo-Nazi gang of football hooligans are kidding themselves..

Friday, 3 September 2010

This recent news report by Channel 4 highlights the link between the rise of student visa applications and illegal immigrants.

It's also no coincidence that this rapid rise in student visa's (which has seen an increase of over 100,000 or 50% in the past year) has also come at the same time as a rise in independent sham "colleges" popping up around the country, run by Asians. It's time these colleges were investigated by the government and closed down. This is particularly concerning because these colleges are also able to claim tax-payer funding in the form of grants and course fee subsidises.

Check out this exposé report on these bogus colleges by the BNP.

Not only do we need much more thorough checks on students being granted visa's concerning their financial means of supporting themselves, but it would also be a good idea to request significant cash deposits to be held by the government as security. This would root out many of the bogus low-life's entering the UK on student visas.

Another solution to remove bogus students is to conduct checks on every student claiming to study in the UK. Attendance should be checked carefully at every college as well as random checks on living arrangements.

Pakistan's Islamic terrorism link

David Cameron's remark in India about Pakistan supporting terrorists resulted in a backlash against him from the Pakistani government resulting in the Pakistani intelligence service cancelling a planned visit with the UK government in protest.

When David Cameron first made this remark everyone was surprised and assumed he had grown a pair, but unfortunately he buckled under the pressure from the backlash and instead of standing firm, decided to do some sucking up to the Pakistani president and pledged to him that "Britain and Pakistan's "special friendship" was unbreakable".

For some reason David Cameron has an unhealthy obsession with Pakistani's in the UK which seems to cloud his judgement. For someone who claims to be able to speak frank and openly about the threat posed by Pakistan to British national security he seems to suffer a split personality disorder when it comes to Pakistani's. One minute he loves Pakistani's and wants them all to stay here and integrate, the next he's accusing them of being a rogue state and exporting terrorism. Make your mind up Cameron!

Muslim Child Prostitution Gang Sentenced

Nine men have been jailed after a 14-year-old girl was preyed upon and forced into prostitution. The vulnerable teenager was targeted with vodka and cigarettes after she was spotted wandering the streets before she was made to have sex with a string of Asian men, Greater Manchester Police said.

The convictions for various offences, including sexual activity with a child, controlling a child prostitute, facilitating child prostitution and paying for sexual services with a child.

The girl, who is white, had to testify in separate trials involving the men and was eventually excused further evidence after a third hearing when psychologists ruled there were fears for her mental and physical well-being.

FINALLY the government and the police have begun tackling the Muslim gangs that trap white teenage girls into child prostitution by arresting the low-life scum Muslim ring-leaders of one such gang who groomed a 14 year old girl and then trapped her into working for them as a child sex slave.

It's taken them SIX YEARS however to make their first arrests and start to tackle this problem which was first identified and exposed by the BNP in 2004. The reason they have failed to act is because this is a ethnic minority crime against white people. This unpleasant truth makes people uncomfortable and shows that the multicultural society they keep promoting and defending, is failing miserably.

With an estimated 5,000 young white females trapped in prostitution gangs this is a large problem which needs to be taken seriously by the government. They need to start recognising it's an issue which can no longer be ignored and needs serious resources to tackle it.

As for the phedophile Muslim scum in this video, here's hoping they get regular beatings in whatever prisons they end up. I'm sure the prison guards will be happy to turn a blind eye. Perhaps then they'll get a better idea of what British justice is all about.

And here's the names, date of births and addresses of the Muslim filth:

Aftab Khan (26/01/79) of Tarporley Avenue, Fallowfield pleaded guilty to one count of controlling a child prostitute and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. This was later reduced to seven years on appeal.

Abid Khaliq (15/12/79) of Shrewsbury Street, Stretford was sentenced to eight months in prison after admitting perverting the course of justice.

Ahmed Noorzai (01/01/81) of Royce Court in Hulme was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of paying for the sexual services of a child.

Mohammed Anwar Safi (01/01/79) of no fixed address was sentenced to 31 months in prison after admitting paying for the sexual services of a child.

Mohammed Khan (26/06/84) of Royce Court, Hulme was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of facilitating child prostitution.

Najibullah Safi (12/08/77) of Reabrook Avenue, West Gorton was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to sexual activity with a child.

Asad Yousaf Hassan (14/10/81) of Rivington Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed Basharat (26/12/81) of Prospect Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child under 16.

Mohammed Atif (19/06/81) of Rivington Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to sexual activity with a child.