Sunday, 30 January 2011

Crimewatch: Most Wanted Criminals

Here's the usual 8 mugshots of the nations most wanted criminals.

As usual, ethnic minorities criminals feature disproportionately, accounting for half the wanted criminals. And this is the biased-BBC and the police presenting this, so should be good hearing the explanations from our pro-Multicultural commentators.

Quick run through..we start off with an Indian man wanted for a stabbing, then there's a Nigerian wanted for a raping a young woman (probably white), and an Albanian wanted for an armed robbery, and lastly what looks like a Moslem (possibly Somalian), wanted for a street robbery where he snatched a necklace from a girls neck.

Dispatches: Riding the EU Gravy Train

This documentary provides an in-depth report showing what a complete rip-off the EU is to British tax-payers with systematic MEP expenses fraud and EU grants to "British" foreign companies for foreign factories operating outside the UK, all coming under the microscope.

If you think the UK MP expenses scandal was bad, wait until you see what the MEP's are getting up to. In this documentary you see Labour MEP's exploiting the EU system by just turning up at Brussels and checking in at weekends to claim overnight allowances for doing absolutely nothing, then going home, charging for airfares and driving etc. Dining at the most exclusive and expensive restaurants, overcharging for hotels, and basically living the life of riley. And it's the ordinary decent hard working tax-payer who picks up the tab for all this of course.

I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it. The EU is a complete waste of 100's of billions of British tax-payers money. It does absolutely nothing for the UK except introduce insane laws and allow all of Europe's undesirables to legally flood into the UK to live here. The EU is nothing more than an experiment in grand social engineering. It has become a legal and political straight-jacket on the UK and is a serious threat to our future and national sovereignty. The sooner we leave it the better.

If you voted for any of the mainstream political parties, then you voted for the EU and all this to continue. The only party fully-opposed to the EU and committed to withdrawing from it completely and stopping immigration is the British National Party. Just stop and think about who and what you're voting for come the next MEP elections.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crimewatch: Police appeal for help with Asian fake ID factories

This quick appeal on Crimewatch shows a variety of forged documents including driving licenses and passports all bearing photos of Asian people.

This is quite a serious crime as these documents can be used by criminals and illegal immigrants to drive illegally, marry and gain access to welfare benefits, banking and financial services etc.

The police officer featured in this report is from a special task force setup to deal with this crime. He talks about "identify factories" and says it's a major organised crime in the UK with 40,000 items related to this crime on the police database.

Lord Taylor goes to prison for expenses fraud

Conservative Lord Taylor got the jail card this week for fiddling tax-payers out of over £11,000 for rent he claimed on a house he had never rented which turned out to be owned by a relative. Pure greed, with contempt for the expenses system and tax-payer. The Moslem judge tried to sing his praises to the jury and get him off, as did his barrister by saying "every fibre of his person resonated public service". Do me a favour. That's why he ripped us off 11 grand?

The jury wasn't having any of it. They found him GUILTY by a majority of 11 to 1.


Pity they can't send the bloody lot of them to prison they're nearly all criminals.

"Lord" Taylor should be stripped of his title and seat in the House of Lords in my book. He's not fit to hold public office, let alone such high public office, after being a convicted fraudster.

And how did Taylor get a peerage anyway? Probably just for being black.The Tories like to hand out peerages willy nilly to ethnic minority people don't they.. look at their "Baroness" Warsi.

I can think of far more deserving people...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bogus Indian "student" gains entry to UK

An Indian "IT student" arrives back in the UK to resume his "studies" but when questioned by Border Control didn't know basic IT terminology. Arousing the suspicion of the officer, he was interviewed and questioned further about his studies.

Not only was he unable to remember the name of the college where he claims he studied for the better part of a year, but he was also unable to remember what he studied, and what exams he took.

Among his possessions he had a certificate for a bogus college which no longer exists which had a date on it for the same period he claimed to be studying at another college.

Clearly this chap had got himself all mixed up with his lies and couldn't give a cohesive or convincing story to the officer. No wonder he is seen in the video on the telephone before being interviewed, probably trying to get his story straight. Astonishingly, despite the firm belief by the officer that he was not a legitimate student, he was still granted entry to the UK because the officers had a lack of any firm evidence to deny him entry!?!

Surely the fact his college no longer exists and the fact he didn't remember a single thing about his studies would count as evidence! Interestingly, there was no mention of how he intends to support himself while "studying" in the UK or where he would be staying and at which college he would be studying with. You can see clearly from this video that it's a piece of cake for illegal immigrants (particularly from India and Pakistan) to gain illegal entry to the UK under the guise of being a foreign student. This is now becoming one of the main methods Pakistani's and Indian's gain entry to the UK after the clamp down on foreign marriages. This is evident by the rapid rise in student visa applications granted over the last 2 years, up from around 200,000 to well over 330,000 last year.

Check out this BNP exposé report on these bogus colleges.

And here's a Channel 4 report showing the British government is finally waking up to the fact illegal immigrants are using student visas.