Saturday, 4 September 2010

EDL leader talks about the EDL movement and Bradford Protest

This video is about the EDL and is a frank and open conversation with the EDL leader. It allows the EDL to have their fair say and counter all the lies and biased media coverage of the EDL. Many people who have been brainwashed by the media into thinking the EDL are a "right wing" group of "racist" Nazi football hooligans, should watch this video and at least here what they have to say themselves. There's always two sides to every story.

The leader of the EDL put out this video prior to the EDL Bradford protest explaining the reasons for the protest and talking about the motivation behind the EDL and what the organisation actually stands for.

Paul Harris aka Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL seen speaking in the video, raises some very important issues:

1. Disintegration of democracy and the rule of law

The Home Secretary decided to ban a planned march by the EDL through the city of Bradford, despite concerns from many residents about problems with Asians in Bradford. They decided to ban the march on the grounds that it might result in serious public disorder. Any disorder wouldn't come from the EDL who have a solid track record for carrying out peaceful non-violent demo's around the country.

As Paul Harris said, it's the government's responsibility to make sure that sufficient police (and if necessary the army) are available to allow the EDL and ordinary members of the public their democratic right to protest unopposed. Once we start caving into mob rule and fears over ethnic tension in communities, it's the beginning of the end for democracy.

2. Abuse of army and armed services

If it's not bad enough soldiers being sent to fight wars in Muslim countries which have nothing to do with the UK or British interests, they have to face vile abuse from Muslims when they return to the UK and be spat at and see banners calling for their beheading.

Not only are the tax-payers funding these illegal wars while bearing the brunt of the economic hardship back home, but more importantly our brave soldiers are risking life and limb every day in Afghanistan in a completely pointless and unwinnable war.

Most of the public agree with this observation and do not support the Iraqi Afghanistan wars and would like to see our troops returned home. The EDL is the only organisation openly protesting and calling for this (apart from the BNP).

Naturally, the EDL has massive support from the armed services but many are unable to publicly admit their support or to take part in EDL demo's for fear of being "racists" and losing their jobs. Surely freedom of speech and the right to protest without being persecuted should be extended to soldiers and indeed anyone, regardless of their profession?

3. Muslim gang culture and inner-city crime

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the government, police and local authorities have consistently tried to ignore or cover-up the fact that Asian Muslim gangs are now heavily involved in serious organised crime right up and down the UK, including heroin and other drug dealing, including the epidemic in racial grooming and pimping of forced white teenage prostitutes. These activities are linked to money laundering and support for terrorist activities (particularly in Luton where the 7/7 London bombings were organised from, and where the EDL was first started in response).

As the Paul Harris pointed out, the facts speak for themselves. Asians Muslims account for 4% of the UK population, yet occupy 12% of the prison space. Although the governments statistics try to play down and conceal any problem with ethnic gangs, if you look closely at the crime and gang statistics you will see the evidence is there showing this is a serious and growing problem across all the main cities of the UK with both Asian and Black organised gang crime.

In a climate where many people live in fear of these gangs and the violent criminals who operate them, with nobody to turn to, it's the EDL who they turn to for help. The EDL are able to highlight these problems and bring pressure on the government and local authorities to act. Ignoring these problems for fear of upsetting the wider community relations is unacceptable when there are victims suffering daily at the hands of Asian gangs. It's our moral duty to stand together and speak out.

4. Lack of respect by Muslims for British culture and laws

As Paul Harris indicated, several polls conducted show that Muslim's in the UK favour their own Sharia laws and justice over British laws and justice. There are already 85 Sharia "courts" openly operating in the UK despite no official agreement with the government or authorities, yet this is not surprising when many senior figures in the British establishment come out saying "Sharia law is eventually inevitable". Who wants to live in a country where women are treated as less equal to men, beaten and punished if they dishonour men. Where homosexuals are openly prejudiced against and where violence against homosexuals is openly tolerated and encouraged. Who wants to see the introduction of traditional barbaric punishments common under Sharia law such as removal of limbs for petty criminals, and stoning for women who engage in extra-marital affairs or in many cases for women who even report being raped.

Islam does not support the very principles upon which the UK was founded upon and on which our culture is built, fairness, decency, democracy and equality for all.

Islamic culture is completely alien to ours and clashes with it, yet many people are simply blind to it or happy to ignore this reality and assume that eventually Muslims will integrate. They won't. Not while they are part of a religious and political ideology which is in complete conflict with our culture. In fact all the evidence shows the opposite, rather than integrating Muslims are taking over areas. We already mentioned the establishment of 85 Sharia courts, there are now over 1,600 Mosques in the UK and the influence of Islam is spreading into nearly all aspects of British politics. Take education as one example, Muslims have their own independent schools now and can promote sectarianism by indoctrinating children from an early age with a singular biased culture and teachings largely unchecked and unopposed.

This is a potential time-bomb for a "clash of cultures" as Paul Harris put it. The only way to prevent this, is to allow open discussions and for the many people opposed to this to be allowed a voice politically. Politicians are elected to represent all constituents and have a duty to address all issues of public concern. They should not ignore issues they think might provoke strong reactions or upset certain minority communities.

5. Problem of "political correctness" and the biased and distorted media

The governments support of groups like the UAF, serve to stigmatise and demonise people who support groups like the BNP or EDL as being "Nazi" or "racists". Simply for speaking out on issues of public concern, concerning Islam and ethnic minorities. There is now a climate of "political correctness" in the UK which not only undermines open and fair democracy, but also results in biased media reporting and ultimately encourages discrimination and violence towards people purely based on their political viewpoints or affiliations. As Paul Harris put it, anyone who opposes the Islamization of the UK is either branded a racist or a fascist and anyone who attacks them is praised as an "anti-fascist".

Almost any level of violence it seems can be excused if it's on the "anti-fascist" side, as is evident from numerous violent attacks on BNP politicians and much higher levels of arrests at demo's from UAF members, yet the government (and even the Prime Minister David Cameron who openly supports the UAF) refuses to condemn such violence and distance themselves from the UAF.

In an open and fair democratic society everyone has the right to hold and express political views regardless of whether some people find them offensive or disagrees with them. This is the very foundation of democracy and is central to it. If you deny people their fundamental basic human rights and suppress political views and discussion, ultimately you end up with a broken society and one which eventually will result in conflict and civil war. If history teaches us anything it's this simple truth which is seen time and time again.

The truth about the EDL is that it contains supporters from every background, male and female, white and non-white people of various ethnicities. It's not unique to the UK either, it's a growing movement opposed to Islam that goes far beyond the UK, reaching right across Europe and even countries beyond Europe. Anyone who tries to say the EDL is an exclusively British white neo-Nazi gang of football hooligans are kidding themselves..

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