Friday, 3 September 2010

Pakistan's Islamic terrorism link

David Cameron's remark in India about Pakistan supporting terrorists resulted in a backlash against him from the Pakistani government resulting in the Pakistani intelligence service cancelling a planned visit with the UK government in protest.

When David Cameron first made this remark everyone was surprised and assumed he had grown a pair, but unfortunately he buckled under the pressure from the backlash and instead of standing firm, decided to do some sucking up to the Pakistani president and pledged to him that "Britain and Pakistan's "special friendship" was unbreakable".

For some reason David Cameron has an unhealthy obsession with Pakistani's in the UK which seems to cloud his judgement. For someone who claims to be able to speak frank and openly about the threat posed by Pakistan to British national security he seems to suffer a split personality disorder when it comes to Pakistani's. One minute he loves Pakistani's and wants them all to stay here and integrate, the next he's accusing them of being a rogue state and exporting terrorism. Make your mind up Cameron!

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