Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Teletubby? No, it's a Muslim woman swimming!

A council-run swimming pool has caused controversy after closing the pool to the public so that Muslim women donning teletubby "burkini" outfits could use it privately.

A row broke out after a swimmer arrived at Hull Council’s Beverley Road Baths (in Hull, East Yorks) but was greeted with a sign at the entrance saying the pool was closed for “staff training”.

The swimmer then discovered the council was advertising that the pool we being used for a training period and a “Muslim ladies session” on that day!

The Muslim women even brought their own blinds apparently to make sure there no onlookers. I wonder whether this was to prevent any hot blooded white men gazing upon their beauty, or more to hide their ridiculous teletubby swimming costumes!

Original Source: Telegraph

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