Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dispatches: Riding the EU Gravy Train

This documentary provides an in-depth report showing what a complete rip-off the EU is to British tax-payers with systematic MEP expenses fraud and EU grants to "British" foreign companies for foreign factories operating outside the UK, all coming under the microscope.

If you think the UK MP expenses scandal was bad, wait until you see what the MEP's are getting up to. In this documentary you see Labour MEP's exploiting the EU system by just turning up at Brussels and checking in at weekends to claim overnight allowances for doing absolutely nothing, then going home, charging for airfares and driving etc. Dining at the most exclusive and expensive restaurants, overcharging for hotels, and basically living the life of riley. And it's the ordinary decent hard working tax-payer who picks up the tab for all this of course.

I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it. The EU is a complete waste of 100's of billions of British tax-payers money. It does absolutely nothing for the UK except introduce insane laws and allow all of Europe's undesirables to legally flood into the UK to live here. The EU is nothing more than an experiment in grand social engineering. It has become a legal and political straight-jacket on the UK and is a serious threat to our future and national sovereignty. The sooner we leave it the better.

If you voted for any of the mainstream political parties, then you voted for the EU and all this to continue. The only party fully-opposed to the EU and committed to withdrawing from it completely and stopping immigration is the British National Party. Just stop and think about who and what you're voting for come the next MEP elections.

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