Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Temporary lapse on YouTube Channel...

Those who follow my YouTube channel will have a noticed a lapse in updates over recent weeks.. there's a reason for this which I'm about to explain.. Normally I watch the news every day, mainly on Channel 4 and record anything interesting for editing and uploading to YouTube. The purpose of doing this is really two fold.. Firstly to inform people and make them aware of issues Britain is facing, and secondly to expose lies, political correctness and media bias. It is hoped that by making this content available others will think about these issues, discuss them and share content.

Now to the reason for the lapse...I have decided to stop paying my "TV license" which means I can no longer legally watch or record live broadcast tv. I had been thinking about doing this for a while as I totally and utterly resent funding the Biased Broadcasting Corporation out of my own hard earned cash. For a long time I've said that others should stop paying their license fee and tell the BBC where to go. I figured it was time I put my own words into action and lead by example. So that's why I'm opting out of the TV license scam and won't be watching live television again.

Now this does present a problem though for the YouTube to get access to news content and keep my viewers informed? I'm looking at various options to achieve this and one way might be to produce podcasts or short info vids which are more condensed and straight to the point, with links to the various on-demand video stream sources. This also has the added advantage of not violating any copyright of Channel 4 or other networks. However making such videos will require much more time and I have precious little of that as it is. Another option might be to just find a way of downloading snippets of content or co-operating with another YouTube channel.

One thing is clear..the less people who pay the TV license, the less money goes to the government puppets at the BBC to fund their brainwashing, and the more it costs them to chase non-payers up, which can only be a good thing. Just think of all the money you can save over the years by not paying your TV license! Money that can be used for holidays, or on alternative entertainment such as video on demand services, DVD's etc.

If you want more information about opting out of the TV license, visit this very helpful (and entertaining) site.

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