Tuesday, 10 May 2011

YouTube Channel Relaunch

After spending all weekend cleaning up the channel and removing hundreds of comments, the channel is now open again. It's regretful that so many comments and discussions have had to be removed, but with the "thought police" now actively pursuing blogs and material on the Web, we have to be extra cautious and not give them any excuse.

Unfortunately we no longer live in an open and free society that allows freedom of speech. That is just the political and legal reality of "multicultural" Britain today. It's fine for other cultures and religious groups to attack or criticise ours, and even fine for them go on the streets inciting hatred against us. However it's illegal for us to even have a critical discussion of theirs.

We have Liebour to thank for their politically correct brainwashing and all the biased "race relations" laws that restrict or impede our basic human rights to freedom of speech and expression.

Only when people begin to realise this and fight for their rights and freedom, can we live in an open and free society.

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