Saturday, 19 June 2010

EHRC start second attack on BNP

The quango government institution who call themselves the "Equalities and Human Rights Commission" have launched a fresh legal attack on the BNP, this time against it's leader Nick Griffin and deputy leader Simon Darby.

First attack fails

Their first legal attack on the BNP came last year and was concerning the BNP's policy of only allowing indigenous British people to join the party. The EHRC had argued this would be racist and discriminatory towards non-white people and that the BNP's constitution would be in violation of new laws. The timing of this legal attack by the EHRC was strategic and was intended to tie the BNP up in expensive litigation in the run up to the General Election. This was obviously intended to drain the BNP's finances and limit it's ability to mount an effective election campaign.

Second attempt wreaks of desperation

The EHRC's first attack failed, so now they have come back with a fresh attack, only this time they are going after the leadership personally and requesting large fines and imprisonment. Their latest complaint concerns the length of time it took the BNP leadership to make the constitutional changes allowing non-whites to become members. However this is unlikely to succeed, as during the court trial of their first complaint they originally had pressed the judge for an immediate judgement on the BNP's constitution, saying it was discriminating against non-whites the longer it remained unchanged. The judge was unwilling to enter into an immediate judgement and even quipped at the EHRC lawyers that he doubted there would be a long queue of black people wanting to join the BNP!

EHRC tells BNP how to run its party

The EHRC are also making even more absurd complaints, the first one relates to what they say are unfair discriminatory constitutional changes introduced by Nick Griffin which means that new members joining the party will not be able to attend meetings or vote until they have been members of the party for at least 2 years or have been vetted by BNP officers in their homes to ensure they are of good character. Even though this requirement applies to both white and non-white members alike, the EHRC still maintains it's discriminatory towards non-whites. The BNP also have a valid reason for introducing this measure. Opponents of the BNP such as United Against Fascism (UAF) have stated publicly they intend to join the BNP on mass and disrupt the party meetings and voting process to paralyse and close down the party.

70 lawyers can't click a mouse??

Another complaint being made by the EHRC is farcical beyond belief. They claim that their legal team (which comprises some 70 lawyers) were unable to find the BNP Constitution anywhere on the BNP website. They accuse the BNP of making it intentionally difficult to access. However it only takes 2 clicks to access the Constitution and there is a link to it on every page on the BNP website called (rather appropriately) "Publications".

Abuse of power and blow to democracy

There are two issues here with the EHRC's latest absurd legal attack on the BNP. The first concerns the wasting and misuse of tax payers money, and the second concerns their blatant attempts to destroy a legal and lawful democratic party, chipping away at the last remaining vestige of British democracy.

Update: The EHRC have changed their case at the last minute (probably because they know they won't win). They have dropped their request for a fine and prison sentences, and are now requesting the court make an asset seizure order on the BNP. This will mean that if the court finds the BNP in contempt of court, they can seize the assets of the BNP or the leader Nick Griffin, and key officials. However such an order would only allow the temporary seizure of assets. Once the court was satisfied the BNP was in compliance of the law, any assets seized would be released.

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