Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Secret Indian-EU Trade Agreement Exposed

BNP's leader Nick Griffin MEP Exposes secret Indian-EU trade agreement

The British government has been secretly working on establishing an Indian-EU trade agreement which will have serious implications for British industry, British jobs and which will allow mass immigration from India into Britain.

The new trade agreement with India which is being discussed behind closed doors, has been heavily pushed by Britain. It started under a Labour government group lead by Labour's ex-Minister Peter Mandelson and former European Commissioner for Trade. The agreement is now being supported by Tory MEP's and the coalition government who are hoping to get it approved by the European Commission quickly by October.

Under the agreement, India is required to give up independence of it's banking system and to open it's markets to EU exports including farming produce which may have a deterimental effect on India's domestic farming industries.

In return the trade agreement will allow multi-national companies based in India to operate in Britain with their own Indian workers being allowed entry to Britain. None of the immigration restrictions and quotas proposed by the Tories will apply to these Indian immigrant workers.

Immigrants from India are expected to pour into Britain as Indian manufacturing takes over British factories, and other Indian companies relocate their operations to Britain.

Speaking to Radio RWB, Nick Griffin MEP said this looks to be an enormous issue and will have a catastrophic effect on job security for British skilled workers in all fields of industry, but particularly in industries where foreign companies have taken over British companies or have vested interests. Companies such as British steel, Jaguar, insurance companies, IT and technology companies to name but a few. Where Indian companies have subsidaries or commercial interests in Britain, they will also be allowed to bring in Indian workers.

Nick Griffin stated that Andrew Brons MEP and himself have been blocked from taking part in discussions as have other MEP's. There is also a conspiracy of silence from the media who are not covering the story.

The BNP will be publicising this secret trade agreement as an attempt to allow mass immigration into Britain via the back door. It is a huge betrayal of the British people and British sovereignty interests. The BNP will be working hard to expose it as part of the globalist agenda of the European Union.

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