Friday, 16 July 2010

Governments immigration policy = no change

The coalition governments announced it's new immigration policy two weeks ago, which they claim is intended to significantly reduce immigration.

However if you look closely at the details it's simply lip service and gestures designed to reassure the public who are concerned about the present immigration situation.

The government says it's committed to getting immigration down to "tens of thousands" instead of "hundreds of thousands".

This will basically mean no change at all.

Immigration was only "hundreds of thousands" due to Labour's uncontrolled immigration surge from Eastern Europe, which should of never of been permitted in the first place. Prior to that, it was at the tens of thousands level. So effectively all the government is doing is returning immigration back to normal levels.

The level of immigrants in the UK is currently far too high, and has resulted in no-go towns dominated by Muslim and black immigrants.

No party has any policy to address this, except the BNP. We should be completely halting immigration from outside Europe, not maintaining previous levels.

The government also makes no mention at all of the one million illegal immigrants here. They have no plans or policies to deal with this or to tighten border controls to prevent further illegal immigrants entering the country.

In London alone, over 5,000 illegal immigrants are arrested every year, and 12,000 every year attempt to enter via the border with France. Very few of these illegal immigrants are held or deported, even after being arrested. Many end up working illegally and not paying tax or national insurance, or worse engaging in criminal activities.

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