Sunday, 8 August 2010

David Cameron, Multicultural Idiot

David Cameron has been making a lot of public blunders lately and demonstrating his political clumsiness when it comes to speaking about policies and facts. His latest blunder was made during a talk to some students when he stated that Iran had a nuclear weapon.

It's long been said David Cameron is a political butterfly, a light-weight masquerading as a "man of the people" while strutting around the world like some "international statesman". Making school-boy errors like this just goes to prove his political ineptness. One thing which is certain about Cameron, is that he is two-faced, spineless and extremely deceitful. All qualities which the majority of LibLabCon politicians seem to share.

He went to India last week and gave a speech condemning Pakistan for exporting terrorism, and for a minute had us thinking he'd actually grown a pair. Then the minute he faced a bit of flack from Pakistan he buckles under and smarmy's up to the Pakistani president with his "unbreakable special relationship" comment.

Cameron is like a person with multiple personality disorder and the backbone of a jelly-fish. He's certainly misleading people on his promise to drastically reduce immigration. He seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Pakistani Muslims and promoting "community cohesion" with people who reject his society and values. People who engage in serious organised crime such as drug dealing and the grooming of children for prostitution, and who also want to murder MP's given the chance. Is Cameron deluding himself or just blind to reality?

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