Monday, 13 September 2010

Copycat Filmed Jihad Rape in Thames Valley

Two rapes with an identical modus operandi have been carried out by muslims 6 months and 200 miles apart, in Oxford.

In May last year a rape of a drunken teenager in Rochdale seemed to surprise nobody, in fact the case was reported shortly after another rape involving 4 Pakistanis in a local supermarket carpark, the victim reported that she had pleaded with passes-by for help and they had refused her.

In Rochdale there are regular rapes by muslim pakistanis on white english women, some are not reported in the media, but having been a reporter living in Rochdale, for 3 years I have witnessed first hand the ways of this weird town whose mayor, senior council official and police chief are Pakistani Muslims.

The rape in Oxford is identical in detail to the earlier rape in Rochdale.
Is it any wonder then, that rochdale remains a ghost town despite huge efforts to blow life into the corpse of a town? When the towns folk just shrug in response to another rape in the town or another paedophile detected.

Rochdale, as a town is sick, and it is in the condition it is through bad leadership and a despondant populace. Now this sickness is spreading, in terms of copycat criminals, to far flung corners of the country.

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