Saturday, 25 September 2010

Labour's Marxist Brothers

The two Jewish Miliband brothers who are the favourites for Labour's leadership have a secret communist past and Marxist political background.

Labour (or should that be Liebour) just keeps going from bad to worse, but has now sunk to an all time low by allowing David and Ed Miliband to run for leadership of their rotten party. It seems the party is no longer making any secret of it's Marxist leanings now, after the failings of it's "New Labour" image makeover.

The two Miliband brothers, one of whom is poised to lead the Liebour Party, are the children of Polish Jewish immigrants. More interesting than that though is the fact their father, Ralph Miliband (originally Adolphe Miliband) was a prominent Marxist intellectual. Born in Belgium he eventually ended up in the UK (lucky us) and became a Marxist activist, engaged in various Socialist activities here including publishing Socialist material. He's actually buried alongside Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery, London.

If that is not proof enough of the Miliband family communist credentials, taking a look further back into their family history is even more revealing. The grandfather of the Miliband's, Samuel Miliband, who entered Belgium illegally with forged documents actually fought in the Red Army in the Polish–Soviet War.

All the UAF social-misfits and other Marxist members of the Liebour Party must be rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity of getting some real Red leadership for a change.

As for the Miliband's, from relative obscurity to leadership of the biggest opposition political party in the UK. Not bad for the sons of a Jewish Marxist illegal immigrant eh.

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