Monday, 27 September 2010

Trawling through the Media

This weekend I've been sifting through loads of recent news stories and sorting out what it is useful and in the public interest. I usually monitor several news sources and various TV shows that highlight problems with immigration and urban crime. As a consequence, I usually have a load of recordings to edit and archive which takes up a great deal of time. I usually do it at the end of the week on weekends which is the only spare time I have as I run a business during the week. I have begun grouping and archiving material on a week by week basis which is useful as it provides a weekly snapshot of "multicultural Britain" and makes it easier to find stories at a later date.

The amount of material available just keeps on increasing week by week. It's getting increasing difficult to keep up with it. It just goes to show the level of problems Britain faces and what an uphill struggle we face. In many ways it's quite depressing and does get you down having to keep reading so many bad stories. Illegal immigrants, inner city drugs and prostitution, child abuse and rape, terrorism, as well as all the usual failings of mainstream politics and all that "politically correct" nonsense we have to deal with. Has anyone noticed how the news is increasingly dominated by Pakistan and Pakistani's in the UK? Hardly a day goes by you don't hear something in the news and it's nearly always bad.

Britain is indeed becoming quite a depressing place to live. Unless that is you're able to bury your head in the sand and have enough money to live somewhere less affected.

It occurred to me while doing my media sifting over the weekend that fellow nationalists are probably doing the same thing. There is a great deal of overlap and repetition which is basically time wasted. Wouldn't it be a good idea to cooperate more by setting up a "National Media Archive" whereby news stories and videos could be pooled, and individuals could take responsibility for monitoring specific news or media sources. That way, we'd have wider media reach and less repetition. We'd also have a centralised archive which anyone could use on their channels and sites to spread the message.

Just a thought..

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