Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bogus Indian "student" gains entry to UK

An Indian "IT student" arrives back in the UK to resume his "studies" but when questioned by Border Control didn't know basic IT terminology. Arousing the suspicion of the officer, he was interviewed and questioned further about his studies.

Not only was he unable to remember the name of the college where he claims he studied for the better part of a year, but he was also unable to remember what he studied, and what exams he took.

Among his possessions he had a certificate for a bogus college which no longer exists which had a date on it for the same period he claimed to be studying at another college.

Clearly this chap had got himself all mixed up with his lies and couldn't give a cohesive or convincing story to the officer. No wonder he is seen in the video on the telephone before being interviewed, probably trying to get his story straight. Astonishingly, despite the firm belief by the officer that he was not a legitimate student, he was still granted entry to the UK because the officers had a lack of any firm evidence to deny him entry!?!

Surely the fact his college no longer exists and the fact he didn't remember a single thing about his studies would count as evidence! Interestingly, there was no mention of how he intends to support himself while "studying" in the UK or where he would be staying and at which college he would be studying with. You can see clearly from this video that it's a piece of cake for illegal immigrants (particularly from India and Pakistan) to gain illegal entry to the UK under the guise of being a foreign student. This is now becoming one of the main methods Pakistani's and Indian's gain entry to the UK after the clamp down on foreign marriages. This is evident by the rapid rise in student visa applications granted over the last 2 years, up from around 200,000 to well over 330,000 last year.

Check out this BNP exposé report on these bogus colleges.

And here's a Channel 4 report showing the British government is finally waking up to the fact illegal immigrants are using student visas.

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