Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lord Taylor goes to prison for expenses fraud

Conservative Lord Taylor got the jail card this week for fiddling tax-payers out of over £11,000 for rent he claimed on a house he had never rented which turned out to be owned by a relative. Pure greed, with contempt for the expenses system and tax-payer. The Moslem judge tried to sing his praises to the jury and get him off, as did his barrister by saying "every fibre of his person resonated public service". Do me a favour. That's why he ripped us off 11 grand?

The jury wasn't having any of it. They found him GUILTY by a majority of 11 to 1.


Pity they can't send the bloody lot of them to prison they're nearly all criminals.

"Lord" Taylor should be stripped of his title and seat in the House of Lords in my book. He's not fit to hold public office, let alone such high public office, after being a convicted fraudster.

And how did Taylor get a peerage anyway? Probably just for being black.The Tories like to hand out peerages willy nilly to ethnic minority people don't they.. look at their "Baroness" Warsi.

I can think of far more deserving people...

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